Deriving its name from the springs used for resistance in the Pilates method, Springs Studio uses all the traditional apparatus, as designed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920's

Deriving its name from the springs used for resistance in the Pilates method, Springs Studio uses all the traditional apparatus, as designed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s

Located just a short walk from the center of Hillsboro Village.

Away from the hustle and bustle of traffic, restaurants, and shopping, Springs Studio provides a more peaceful and intimate atmosphere, which easily facilitates a focused and rewarding workout experience.

2021 21st Avenue South,
Suite 100 Nashville, TN 37212

Serving Nashville since 1998, Springs Studio offers a fitness program based in the classical Pilates method that can be tailored for anyone, regardless of age, body type, fitness level, or special needs. Whether you are seeking a robust challenge or gentle restorative conditioning, Pilates can be revitalizing, safe and effective

Pilates is for all ages

+ As we get older, it becomes increasingly important that we stay mobile and supple through exercise that can help relieve the build-up of tension in our bodies resulting from years of misuse and poor posture.

+ Younger people benefit from beginning early with an exercise program that can help prevent common issues which often develop as one ages.

+ Springs Studio Pilates in Nashville is Baby Boomer friendly.

Springs Studio offers:

  • A Personalized program for any age, body type or fitness level
  • A fully equipped facility with traditional Pilates apparatus
  • An intimate atmosphere for effective mind-body workouts
  • Privates, semi-privates, small group classes
  • Certified caring instruction
  • An easily accessible location
  • Ample parking

Pilates can improve:

  • overall muscle strength without bulk
  • core strength
  • flexibility and lengthening of muscles
  • posture and alignment
  • balance and stability
  • mobility
  • body awareness

About the Owner

As a dancer in New York City during the ’70’s and ’80’s, Nashville native Julie Kraft discovered Pilates as an effective way to relieve the physical strains of dancing as well as strengthen her technique.  She trained with

Julie Kraft - Owner

Julie Kraft – Owner

prominent master teachers such as Romana Kryzanowska, Bob Liekens, Carola Trier and Kathy Grant and received her Pilates certification from The Pilates Studio in New York in 1997. Julie opened Springs Studio in 1998, helping clients of all ages enjoy the sfa_logo2-sspbenefits of Pilates.  Now in her 60’s, Julie has continued to meet the daily demands of her active lifestyle through the regular practice of Pilates conditioning.   Understanding the need to remain active and healthy, she became inspired to work with seniors and other aging baby boomers like herself, and became certified as a senior personal trainer by the American Senior Fitness Association in February 2012.

I find Pilates conditioning to be an effective way to help relieve strain and tension that builds up in our bodies, as well as to help maintain the mobility needed to continue an active lifestyle. In some ways I feel like I’m in better shape now than I was when I was in my 20’s because Pilates has increased my body awareness and knowledge of how to manage and minimize the impact of typical problems that can develop with age. – Julie Kraft

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