How do I get started?

For more information or to schedule a private session, please call 615-292-1930 or email at I am happy to discuss any additional questions or concerns you might have.

I've seen many photos of highly fit people performing pilates exercises. Is Pilates too strenuous for me?

Those images are intended to attract the most fit population who may be looking for a new and different challenge. But Pilates can help you look and feel better regardless of your age, body type, level of fitness or special needs.  At Springs Studio we strive to meet you where you are right now,  providing exercise options that can be robust when desired, yet safe, gentle and restorative. (See our article “For Those Who Are Apprehensive about beginning Pilates…“)

What can Pilates do for me?

Pilates is for anyone who wants to look better, feel better, and function better in their everyday lives, by improving overall strength, flexibility, posture, balance, mobility and stability. The typical feedback I hear from new clients from day one is that they’re standing up straighter, they’re more aware of their abs, and frequently find themselves pulling in their tummies.

Is it better to begin Pilates training with group classes or private sessions?

I recommend beginning with a private session, in order to evaluate your level of fitness (see intro package) or, if you have had previous Pilates training, to determine at what level of Pilates you are able to perform.  From there, we would together come up with the best plan for you, moving forward.

How is Springs Studio different from other Pilates facilities?

In contrast to larger studios which are often crowded and noisy, Springs Studio provides a calmer, quieter, more intimate and non-judgmental atmosphere.  Here everyone feels welcome, comfortable and safe, regardless of age, body type, or level of fitness. At Springs Studio group classes are small and highly supervised. Additionally, every effort is made to ensure that the client is adequately prepared if joining a group class, or otherwise provided an option that is safe and appropriate for their level of fitness.

Do you offer Reformer classes?

I have 3 reformers so I can accommodate up to three clients in a reformer class.  Typically clients prefer a combination of reformer and mat work over the course of their training, so I do not have “reformer only” classes built into my schedule. However, this option can be arranged for anyone who is strong enough for a full session of reformer work. These sessions are priced at the rate of private and semi-private sessions, depending on the number of people involved.

Can I "drop-in" to classes at Springs Studio?

Group classes at Springs Studio are by invitation only. Anyone wishing to take a group class must first take a private session, to assess their level and compatibility with a class.

What is the criteria for joining a group class at Springs Studio?

Anyone wishing to join a semi-private or small group class needs to be evaluated by the instructor (SEE SPECIAL INTRO PACKAGE) and should meet the following criteria:

•   The client is healthy and does not require any special modifications.

•   The client’s fitness level should be at least comparable to the others in the class.

•   If joining an already existing group, the client has enough training in Pilates to be able to execute the exercises with an understanding of basic Pilates principles, and can keep up with the pace of the class.

How long are your classes?

55-60 minutes

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