I've seen many photos of highly fit people performing pilates exercises. Is Pilates too strenuous for me?
What can Pilates do for me?
Is it better to begin Pilates training with group classes or private sessions?
How is Springs Studio different from other Pilates facilities?
What can I expect at (or "what is it like at") Springs Studio?
Are there "drop-in" classes at Springs Studio?
What is the criteria for joining a group class at Springs Studio?

Anyone wishing to join a semi-private or small group class needs to be evaluated by the instructor (SEE SPECIAL INTRO PACKAGE) and should meet the following criteria: *

•   The client is healthy and does not require any special modifications.

•   The client’s fitness level should be at least comparable to the others in the class.

•   If joining an already existing group, the client has enough training in Pilates to be able to execute the exercises with an understanding of basic Pilates principles, and can keep up with the pace of the class.

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