“The only real guide to your true age…(is) indicated by the degree of natural and normal flexibility enjoyed by your spine throughout life.” – Joseph H. Pilates – 1881-1967


2021 21st Avenue South,
Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37212

A quiet – yet energetic, safe – yet challenging, relaxed – yet highly supervised exercise environment for all ages and fitness levels.


What is Springs Studio like?

  • Personalized for any age, body type or fitness level
  • A fully equipped facility with traditional Pilates apparatus
  • An intimate atmosphere for effective mind-body workouts
  • Privates, semi-privates, small group classes
  • Certified caring instruction
  • An easily accessible location
  • Ample parking

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Spring Studios Pilates in Nashville 

Using the entire classical Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, including all of the equipment as originally developed by Joeseph Pilates, I provide “hands on” highly supervised and individualized training and guidance with private and semi-private sessions as well as small group classes which are available to clients who would benefit from them (see classes).

We answer to the specific goals of each client, by tailoring and recommending a personalized exercise program in the Pilates method that will meet them at their current fitness level, improve their overall level of fitness, and address any special needs or challenges they may face.

Why choose Springs Studio Pilates?

Three reasons:

1. Many people are intimidated when they see ads showing perfectly sculpted bodies performing Pilates exercises that are too challenging for the average person. Springs Studio offers a non-judgmental atmosphere where everyone can feel welcome, comfortable, and safe regardless of age, body type, or level of fitness.

2. Many feel uncomfortable and discouraged when they visit a crowded Pilates studio and participate in large impersonal classes where they struggle to keep up with the rest of the class. Springs Studio provides effective exercise options based on the individual needs and goals of the client. For anyone seeking a group class, every effort is made to ensure that the client is adequately prepared and provided an option that is safe and appropriate for their level of fitness. Read more on “Group Classes

3. In contrast to larger studios which can be crowded and noisy, Springs Studio provides a calm, more personal and intimate atmosphere, facilitating a focused and more effective workout experience.


Options include private sessions, semi-privates with two or three people sharing a session, and small group classes. Classes can also be arranged for a group of 4 or 5 friends who want to work out together.

Frequently Asked Questions:

About beginning Pilates

Choosing Private vs. Group Classses

Love, Love, Love Springs Studio and Julie Kraft.  Julie’s attention to the details of performing the exercises in a correct and safe manner ensure the maximum benefit is reached.  The exercises are varied and totally geared to your individual fitness level.  Springs Studio and Julie have made a huge positive impact on my health and wellness both physically and mentally.  THANK YOU!

Alice J.

Nashville, TN


2021 21st Avenue South,
Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37212

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